Most orders are delivered in 24-48 hours, but we should still plan in advance as much as possible.

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To All Our Valued Customers:
 Most wood orders are shipped within 48 hours. Top quality hardwood firewood, guaranteed to be seasoned and high quality. We stock mixed hardwoods for fireplaces and fire pits, which can include Oak, Elm, Locust, Ash, Maple and Walnut

All our hardwood firewood is guaranteed to be seasoned, of proper measure and delivered in a timely manor. We use mixed hardwoods recycled from tree removal work.
Sometimes this may cause shortages so take delivery early! Firewood from tree work are cut and let lay for 1 year then split and set in air dry bins for another year. Premium quality clean wood ready for delivery nearly 2 years after trees are removed. 

Full Cord (128 Cubic Feet [4x4x8])
Free Delivery to Milwaukee,greenfield,greendale,West allis

Half Cord (64 Cubic Feet [4x4x4])
Free Delivery to

Milwaukee,greenfield,greendale,West allis
Face cord $95

Solid Oak prices $390 cord

                         $190 half cord

                         $135 Face cord