In the forests, trees do can just fine without our help. In the urban environment this is a different story. There are a lot of different stresses for trees in the Milwaukee urban forest.  Air pollution, confined roots, trunk damage, compacted or poor quality soils, improper pruning and proximity to people in Residential and Commercial properties setting it is important that they get the care they need. Proper Tree Care in the Milwaukee area at the right time can prevent disease, decay and promote strong healthy trees which can stop storm damages, increase the beauty in our homes and businesses in the Milwaukee area.

Complete Tree Removals
Although we consider every option to preserve your Milwaukee trees, sometimes due to generally poor condition, inappropriate location, unacceptable risk or other reasons, tree removal is simply the best management option. Some tree removal projects are routine, while others require highly technical skills including working around utility lines, complex rigging or the usage of cranes and other heavy equipment. Precision Tree Service crews include an ISA certified arborist and tree workers with all the skills necessary to safely complete the most difficult and hazardous tree removals.

Tree Pruning 

There are many types of tree pruning that we use to care for your trees.
Tree cleaning  -Removes weak, dead, storm damaged, diseased limbs, weak limbs and  makes the tree look its best.
Structure Pruning -
used to train growth patterns of small trees to be strong so as to keep maintenance costs low when they get to be larger trees.
Tree Thinning -
helps minimize the risk of storm damage by reducing the wind sail of the tree. Also a very good way to let more sunlight in your yard!
Tree Raising -
provides clearance for streets, sidewalks, driveways, overhead lines and structures and including the roof of your house and garages
Crown Reduction -
safely reducing the overall size of the tree canopy without hacking the tree and making it a bigger mess than it ever was. 

Stump Removals 
Precision Tree service  has the right machine for the job we can grind any size stump. Just as with our tree trimming and removals we remove all the mess made from the grinding so your yard is nicer than when we got there. 

Storm Damage - repair and clean up and Emergency response.
These storms that come through Waukesha and Milwaukee have wreaked havoc on the trees throughout the state over the years. Precision Tree has extensive experience in managing storm damage for residential and commercial clients through out Milwaukee County. We work well with insurance companies to give you one less thing to worry.

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